All In One Solar Street Light

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The main composition of All In One Solar Street Light (integrated solar street lamp): it is composed of integrated lamp (built-in: high-efficiency photovoltaic module, high-capacity lithium battery, microcomputer MPPT intelligent controller, high brightness LED light source, PIR human body induction probe, anti-theft mounting bracket) and lamp pole.

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The All In One Solar Street Light converts solar panels into electric energy, and then charges the lithium battery in the All In One Solar Street Light. During the day, even in cloudy days, the solar generator (solar panel) collects and stores the required energy, and automatically supplies power to the LED lamp of the integrated solar street lamp at night to realize night lighting. At the same time, the integrated solar street lamp has PIR human body sensing function, which can realize the infrared sensing control lamp working mode of the intelligent human body at night. When there is someone, it is 100% on, and when there is no one, it automatically changes to 1 / 3 brightness after a certain time delay, Smart saves more energy. At the same time, solar energy, as an “inexhaustible and inexhaustible” safe and environmentally friendly new energy, has played an important role in the integrated solar street lamp.

The integrated solar street lamp adopts the integrated design, which is simple, fashionable, light and practical.
1. Adopt solar power supply to save electric energy and protect the earth’s resources.
2. The infrared induction control technology of human body is adopted, the light is on when people come and the light is dark when people walk, so as to prolong the lighting time.
3. High capacity and long-life lithium battery is adopted to ensure the service life of the product, which can generally reach 8 years.
4. There is no need for pulling wire, which is extremely convenient for installation.
5. Waterproof structure, safe and reliable.
6. Easy to expand timing, voice control and other functions.
7. Modular design concept is adopted to facilitate installation, maintenance and repair.
8. Alloy material is used as the main structure, which has good anti rust and anti-corrosion functions.

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