Solar street light Built-in LiFeP04 lithium battery

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Now more split solar street lights start to use lithium batteries as energy storage. 

Because lithium batteries are made of aluminum profiles, lithium batteries are usually placed under the solar panel or inside the lamp housing to avoid direct sunlight and reserve Breathing valve or drain hole.

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Compared with bulky batteries, lithium batteries are smaller in size, lower in transportation costs, and higher in installation efficiency. For some countries and regions with high requirements for road lighting and high transportation and labor costs, the distribution of lithium batteries is given priority. Body solar street light.

At present, the first choice for solar street lights in the world is generally split street lights. The mass ratio and volume ratio of lithium batteries are about 40% higher than that of lead-acid batteries, but in terms of price, the price of lithium batteries with the same capacity is one higher than that of lead-acid batteries. The current commonly used lithium iron phosphate is cycled 3000 times, and about 85% of the storage capacity is charged after 3000 times, while the lead-acid battery is about 500-800 times, so the service life of the lithium battery is much higher than that of the battery , As long as the configuration is reasonable, the service life of solar street lights with lithium batteries is expected to exceed 20 years. From the perspective of economic cost, the biggest feature of solar street lights is maintenance-free. Lithium batteries with high cycle times + LED light sources with low light decay and high lumens + solar panels with high conversion efficiency + reasonable configuration are the first choice for more markets, and we The company's largest product in recent years, we have a large market share in Africa and Asia with the advantages of complete qualifications, reasonable price and fast delivery, and are growing continuously.

Lamp Power 20W - 40W
Efficacy 120lm/W - 200lm/W
Color Temperature 3000 - 6500K
Solar Panel One-side Mono 25% Charging Efficiency
Lithium Battery LiFePO4 Lithium Battery More Than 5Years Lifespan
Controller SRNE(Constant Voltage 12V/24V & Current 5A-20A)
Working Time (Lighting) 8h*3day / (Charging) 10h
PIR Sensor < 5m, 120°
IP Rating IP66
Warranty 5 Years
Material Die Cast Aluminium, Glass
Certificates CE, TUV, IEC, ISO, RoHS
Lamp Size 505*235*85mm (L*W*H)
Packing Size 522*250*100mm (L*W*H)

Product Detail



Recommended configuration of solar street lights
Type LED light Solar panel Battery Solar Controller Pole height
Split Solar street light(Gel) 30W 80W Mono-crystal Gel - 12V65AH 10A 12V 6M
Split Solar street light(Lithium) 80W Mono-crystal Lith - 12.8V30AH
All in one solar street light(Lithium) 70W Mono-crystal Lith - 12.8V30AH
Type LED light Solar panel Battery Solar Controller Pole height
Split Solar street light(Gel) 60W 150W Mono crystal Gel - 12V12OAH 10A 24V 8M
Split Solar street light(Lithium) 150W Mono-crystal Lith - 12.8V36AH
All in one solar street light(Lithium) 90W Mono-crystal Lith - 12.8V36AH
Type LED light Solar panel Battery Solar Controller Pole height
Split Solar street light(Gel) 80W 2PCS*100W Mono-crystal Gel - 2PCS*70AH 12V I5A 24V 9M
Split Solar street light(Lithium) 2PCS*100W Mono-crystal Lith - 25.6V48AH
All in one solar street light(Uthium) 130W Mono-crystal Lith - 25.6V36AH
Type LED light Solar panel Battery Solar Controller Pole height
Split Solar street light(Gel) 100W 2PCS*12OW Mono-crystal Gel-2PCS*100AH 12V 20A 24V 10M
Split Solar street light(Lithium) 2PCS*120W Mono-crystal Lith - 24V84AH
All in one solar street light(Lithium) 140W Mono-crystal Lith - 25.6V36AH

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