TXLED-10 LED Street Light Tool free maintenance

Short Description:

The LED chip adopts Philips Lumileds light source chip, and the color temperature can be adjusted according to seasonal changes.

3000K-6500K cold and warm light can be customized to meet the lighting needs of different environments.

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TX LED 10 is the latest high-lumen LED lamp designed by our company, which can improve the lumen to achieve high illumination on the road. The lamp currently uses 5050 chips, which can achieve a total light efficiency of 140lm/W, and 3030 chips can achieve a maximum power of 130lm/W. In the case of heat dissipation, the maximum power of the whole lamp is 220W, the built-in radiator, the product conforms to the European Class I standard, the internal design of independent power supply compartment and light source compartment, power-off switch, lightning arrester SPD, and angle-adjustable universal joint, connection buckle The design is convenient to open and close, and the latest design of LED lamps such as tool-free maintenance.

The lamp housing is made of ADC12 high-pressure aluminum high-pressure aluminum alloy die-casting, no rust, impact resistance, and the surface is treated with high-temperature electrostatic spraying and sandblasting.

At present, there are 30,000 sets of lamps in South America, and we will provide a 5-year warranty for each lamp, so that customers can choose with confidence.

According to the needs of the project, we can install light control, and install a single lamp controller to link the Internet of Things control system.


LED chips:5050

Order code

Power(w) Color temperature Luminous flux of the luminaire(lm) -4000k(T=85℃)


Input voltage



















Technical Specification

Product Name TX-S/M/L
Max Power 80w/150w/300w
Supply voltage range 100-305VAC
Temperature range -25℃/+55℃
Light guiding system PC lenses
Light source LUXEON 5050
Luminous intensity class Symmetrical:G2/Asymmetrical:G1
Glare index class D6
Color temperature 3000-6500k
Color rendering index >80RA
System efficacy 110-130lm/w
LED Lifetime Min 50000 hours at 25℃
Power efficiency 90%
Current adjustment range 1.33-2.66A
Voltage adjustment range 32.4-39.6V
Lightning protection 10KV
Service life Min 50000 hours
Housing material Die-cast aluminum
Sealing material Silicone rubber
Cover material Tempered glass
Housing color As customer's requirement
Wind resistance 0.11m2
Protection class IP66
Shock protection IK 09
Corrosion resistance C5
Mounting diameter option Φ60mm
Suggested mounting height 5-12m
Dimension(L*W*H) 610*270*140/765*320*140/866*372*168mm
Net weight 4.5kg/7.2kg/9kg

Product Detail

T10 LED Street Light
T10 LED Street Light3
T10 LED Street Light4
T10 LED Street Light5
T10 LED Street Light6
T10 LED Street Light7
T10 LED Street Light9

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