Maintenance method of solar street lamp pole

In the society calling for energy conservation, solar street lamps are gradually replacing traditional street lamps, not only because solar street lamps are more energy-saving than traditional street lamps, but also because they have more advantages in use and can meet the needs of users. Solar street lamps are generally installed on the main and secondary roads of the city, and it is inevitable that they will be exposed to wind and rain. Therefore, if you want to extend their service life, you need to maintain these solar street lamps regularly. How should the solar street lamp poles be maintained? Let me introduce it to you.

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1. The design of the appearance of solar street lamps should be reasonable when designing the appearance to prevent children from climbing when they are naughty and causing danger.

2. The maintenance of appearance is common in places with large traffic. Many people will post various small advertisements on lamp posts. These small advertisements are generally strong and difficult to remove. Even when they are removed, the protective layer on the surface of lamp posts will be damaged.

3. During the production of solar street lamp poles, they are galvanized and sprayed with plastic for anti-corrosion treatment. Therefore, generally, there are no human factors, and basically no problems will occur. As long as you pay attention to observation at ordinary times.

 Solar street lamp for night lighting

The above maintenance of solar street lamp poles is shared here. In addition, it is also necessary to avoid passers-by hanging heavy objects on the lamp poles. Although the lamp poles are made of steel, bearing overload weight will also affect the service life of solar street lamps. Therefore, we should regularly clean up the heavy objects hanging on the solar street lamp poles. Such maintenance measures are effective.

Post time: Sep-09-2022
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