Which is better, integrated solar street lamp or split solar street lamp?

The working principle of the integrated solar street lamp is basically the same as that of the traditional solar street lamp. Structurally, the integrated solar street lamp puts the lamp cap, battery panel, battery and controller in one lamp cap. This kind of lamp pole or cantilever can be used. The battery, LED lamp cap and photovoltaic panel of the split solar street lamp are separated. This type of lamp must be equipped with a lamp pole, and the battery is buried underground.

all in one solar street light

The design and installation of the integrated solar lamp is simpler and lighter. The cost of installation, construction and commissioning as well as the cost of product transportation are saved.The maintenance of the solar integrated street lamp is more convenient. Just remove the lamp cap and send it back to the factory. The maintenance of the split solar road lamp is much more complicated. In case of damage, the manufacturer needs to send technicians to the local area for maintenance. During the maintenance, the battery, photovoltaic panel, LED lamp cap, wire, etc. need to be checked one by one.

 solar street light

In this way, do you think the integrated solar street lamp is better? In fact, whether the integrated solar street lamp or the split solar lamp is better depends on the installation occasion. Integrated solar LED lamps can be installed on roads with high demand for lamps, such as large roads and expressways. Split solar street lamps are recommended for streets, communities, factories, rural areas, county streets and village streets. Of course, the budget should also be taken into account for the specific type of solar lamp to be installed.

Post time: Aug-19-2022
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